Our technology is based on secondary hydration (crystallization) of lime in a wall, also when in form of bricks, cement, plaster, concrete, stone, clay, etc. Water and lime are chemically bound using the NCT catalyst. NCT plasters absorb nitrogen and CO2. This compaction process lasts for many years, with a decreasing tendency. The wall quasi-new structure withstands water pressure of ca. 9–14 bar.




Five unique product parameters:


1. The NCT plaster binds to the existing wall at the depth of up to 20 cm and more. NCT minerals use present moisture to crystallise. This way, microscopically small, empty spaces resembling a quickly growing cave deposit are filled from all sides.


2. Increasing the strength by a repeated reaction ("rehydration") and forming of a uniform, watertight structure of the wall and plaster, resembling waterproof concrete.


3. Drying of walls is particularly cost-effective, performed only from the inside.


4. Purely environmentally friendly, inorganic composition, prevents rot.


5. 20 years guarantee. 





NCT presents its chemicals-free products at the construction fair in Lanzendorf on May 22, 2014.


Many positive opinions and numerous new observations: these were gained by participants in the construction fair in Lanzendorf. It was found that Austrian construction industry  looks to the future with confidence: within the Vienna agglomeration alone there will be about 14400 construction sites and trenches this summer. In relation to this construction boom, the construction fair  AS Baustoffe, the industry fair in Lower Austria, are again of particular importance this year.


The following subjects were discussed:


-  chemicals-free construction materials

- permanent drying and sealing

- organic and monolithic houses

- chemical products for the construction industry and building protection

- roofs, walls, concrete façades

- design and organising





The company Bodome & Nanocement Group GmbH rewarded for product development and services this year.


Creatively into the future in 2014:


The Lower Austria Commercial Chamber rewards the most innovative projects in the industry and crafts.


188 projects were submitted


Participants could submit projects in categories of technical innovation, product and services development, and design and arts&crafts. The jury consisting of the Commercial Chamber, Lower Austria state, and economy representatives evaluated 188 projects in total, including 27 projects submitted by students. The criteria included environmental friendliness, innovative products, methods for production and provision of services, and techniques and products or services of particular importance to local economy.


Products and services development category:


Bodome & Nanocement Group GmbH from the Brunn am Gebirge commune


NCT - Natural Crystallization Technology


By using a natural crystallization technology, NCT, a binding agent is produced, being a catalyst for crystals formation for construction materials based on purely mineral materials, with which structure of concrete and brick walls is changed in a natural way. This results in increased material density, compressive strength and bending resistance, thus improving resistance to frost and material wear; and by improving  resistance to frost and wear also adhesion to a substrate is increased. Additionally, water absorption and permeability is reduced, with static strengthening of walls.


A diploma for development of products and services 2014 for the product "Durable construction and renovation free of chemical agents". (PDF-File)